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Julia Miller (And Dante)

Hey, doggy lovers, my name is Julia Miller, and this is my handsome boy, Dante.

Dante is five years young, and he loves playing ball. My partner, Matt, and I got him at 10 weeks old after buying our first home. It was love at first sight!

Apart from playing ball, Dante is obsessed with walks on the beach with Jade and Bella, and when he’s not playing ball, he likes to cuddle up with his toy frog.

My sister Jade and I have always loved golden retrievers. We grew up with them as our beloved family dogs, so when I moved in with Matt, getting my own retriever was high on the priority list.

We had five retrievers growing up - Oliver was my first best friend. He sadly passed away when I was eight. I was devastated.

We then got Jasmine and Aladdin to fill the hole in our hearts (I’m sure you can guess who chose those names!) When they were about two, our parents bred them, and they had a litter of five stunning pups.

We kept the runt of the litter - Millie - who was a real bundle of fun.

When Millie’s mom and dad went to doggy heaven, we got her a pup for company - cue Paddy.

All of these goldens hold such a special place in my heart, and I wanted to do something for them - which is how this website came about.

Over a coffee with Jade one afternoon, All About Goldens was born. And we’ve never looked back.

Jade Miller (And Bella)

Hey, I’m Jade, and this is Bella.

Bella is three, and she’s the sweetest girl. She loves cuddly toys, being brushed, watching the ducks in the local park, and playing on the beach with her best friend, Dante.

I got her at 11 weeks old, and she has been by my side ever since. We do everything together, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

My sister and I have a mutual love for retrievers. We were so lucky to have had so many wonderful dogs growing up. We were chatting about them all one afternoon when we decided to start this website in their honor.

It’s been quite the journey, but we love sharing our knowledge of this gorgeous breed with other pooch pals.

One of my favorite childhood memories was when we had a litter of pups. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolute chaos. But is there anything better than five bundles of fur running around the house? It was the best!

Letting go of them was so hard, but we were so happy when mom and dad said we could keep Millie. She was a little angel.

Now, my favorite thing to do on the weekend is to meet up with Julia, Matt, and Dante for a long walk - we love heading to the beach when we can.

We pop back to see mom and dad with Paddy whenever we can, too. He’s an old man now, but he does give Dante and Bella a run for their money!

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