About Us

Welcome to All About Goldens, a website created out of a shared love for the most loyal and lovable dogs out there - golden retrievers!

Founded by sisters Julia and Jade Miller, All About Goldens is a tribute to all the golden retrievers who have enriched their lives over the years. From Oliver, their first beloved family dog, to the five playful pups from Jasmine and Aladdin's litter, goldens hold a special place in their hearts.

Now grown up with homes and families of their own, Julia and Jade wanted to honor their cherished childhood companions. Over coffee one day, they hatched the idea for All About Goldens - a place to share their extensive knowledge of the breed with fellow golden lovers.

Julia lives with her partner Matt and their bouncy boy Dante, who is always up for playing ball and cuddling with his favorite frog toy. Meanwhile, Jade and her sweet girl Bella, who never turns down a good brushing, enjoy weekend walks on the beach with Julia, Matt, and Dante.

With decades of combined golden retriever experience between them, Julia and Jade look forward to providing tips, advice, and fun facts about these gentle, good-natured dogs. All About Goldens celebrates the unique spirit of the golden retriever - join the adventures of these happy pups!

To learn more about Julia and Jade (and their pooches) visit the Meet The Team page here.

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