The Best Dog Toys For Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are beloved family pets – they’re always up for a cuddle, and they’re full of fun.

This is a breed that LOVES to play, so providing them with plenty of toys to keep them stimulated is essential.

We’ve learned a lot over the years about the dos and don’ts when it comes to toys for this breed, and many toys have been sacrificed along the way (Dante, we’re looking at you!)

Best Dog Toys For Golden Retrievers

So, we wanted to share some knowledge if you’re on the hunt for the best dog toys for your Golden Retrievers.

Below, we will look at how to select the right toys for a Golden Retriever, and we will share some of our tried and tested favorite chew toys, fetch toys, rope toys, and stuffed toys.

How To Select The Right Toys For A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers grow up to be formidably large and strong dogs, though they typically remain friendly and adorable.

For those reasons alone, invest in some durable toys that can stand up to their playful nature and tough jaws.

This may mean a large initial outlay, yet with toys made from top-quality materials like nylon and rubber, they should be able to withstand plenty of rough play.

Consider the size of the toys too, big enough so they are unlikely to be swallowed yet not too big that they are too cumbersome.

We recommend providing your pup with a variety of toys, too, so they can enjoy plenty of stimulation and variety.

Chew toys and stuffed toys are classic options, yet there should be some you can bring out at playtime that offer more of a challenge.

Choose some specifically for a game of fetch and the odd game of tug while making sure it can withstand plenty of rough treatment.

The Best Toys To Choose For Your Golden

We’ve broken it down into categories to help you pick out some new toys for your pooch.

Dogs like Dante, who enjoy rough play, need good, solid toys to sink their teeth into, whereas softer playmates, like Bella, really appreciate a cuddle toy.

Chew Toys

Part of the appeal of chew toys is how they can aid your Golden Retriever’s dental health.

Irregular and raised rubber allows your dog to gnaw on a toy, which can actually help clean their teeth. That should reduce the number of vet visits while improving your dog’s oral hygiene.

Should they get mucky due to outdoor use, they should only require a quick rinse to be ready for the next time.

Selecting durable chew toys, or even better, teething toys, is particularly important when your furbaby is still a puppy.

1. Alligator Squeaky Chew Toy

Like many large and strong dogs, Golden Retrievers can be aggressive chewers. That’s why you need a tough and durable chew toy like this Alligator Squeaky Chew Toy.

We couldn’t resist getting Dante a green one – especially with those angry little crocodile eyes on it!

We like that these are around 30% thicker than your standard rubber dog toy, so it should last you for a while (6 months on, and it’s still going for us!)

Your dog should get suitably excited when they hear the fun squeaking sound that comes out, too, while a hollowed-out design makes them easily maneuverable.

Dante’s Rating: 10/10

Bella’s Verdict: 7/10

2. Maple Wood Flavored Teething Stick

Teething sticks are another variety of chew toys that can help satisfy your Golden Retriever’s chewing habits.

The Maple Wood Flavored Teething Stick from SCHITEC comes with rubber nubs soft enough to massage your dog’s gums, though you could apply some toothpaste on them, too, to get a cheeky brush in during playtime.

With a nylon stick that is both long-lasting and food-grade, your dog should stay away from chewing on anything else.

The real maple wood flavor should make it a joy to chew and gnaw on for your dog, too – although we can’t say that Bella was much of a fan.

Nylon bones can be great for pups, too, but we wouldn’t recommend giving this particular one as it’s a little too big and too hard for small teeth.

Dante’s Rating: 9/10

Bella’s Verdict: 5/10

3. Nylon Bone Chew Toy

With its natural appearance, this Nylon Bone Chew Toy may prove irresistible for your Golden Retriever.

The teething stick also comes with a real beef flavor and is ideal for a medium-sized dog such as a Golden Retriever.

Thankfully, the nylon material proves to be a welcome alternative to natural bone, which can be quite dangerous for your dog.

With durability that means seemingly endless playing and chewing, it should help your dog learn to play alone. We’ve always made sure to have one of these for Dante and can attest to how long they last.

Dante’s Rating: 9/10

Bella’s Verdict: 6/10

Fetch Toys

A game of fetch should come with a set of your Golden Retriever’s favorite toys. Ones that can withstand hours of being thrown and then chewed on.

They should be easy to wash even after a few hours out in the mud and rain.

However, you can also invest in a launcher or simply use a fetch ball indoors.

1. Plush Ball For Dogs

With a range of colors and sizes, the Plush Ball For Dogs is highly versatile and suitable for your dog from a young age.

Give it a squeeze, and your Golden Retriever should work out that a game of fetch is coming up soon.

Plus, it is soft enough to throw indoors and not worry about damaging the furniture or hardwood floors.

Just ensure that you have a wide, empty space for your dog to run around in when it raises their excitement levels.

Bella didn’t think she was a sports fan, but she sure loves this football!

Dante’s Rating: 9/10

Bella’s Verdict: 8/10

2. Chuckit! Indoor Fetch Ball

Another ball that is soft enough to throw in the house is this Chuckit! Indoor Fetch Ball.

Proving ideal when the weather is anything but, a multilayer construction means long-lasting use.

It’s also a little bigger than a softball, so proves ideal for a game of indoor fetch.

Gentle on your dog’s mouth, this is not ideal for a chew toy, so may require some supervision during playtime.

We’ve learned not to leave Dante alone with toys like this, but Bella is totally fine and has been known to snuggle up to them.

Dante’s Rating: 8/10

Bella’s Verdict: 8/10

3. Chuckit! Launcher

To make that game of fetch a little easier, invest in a Chuckit! Launcher.

Not only will it launch your ball a little further than you may be able to, but it provides more of a challenge for your dog to get it back.

With a clever design, you won’t even need to bend down to pick up the ball, avoiding that almost obligatory mud and slobber.

The grip handle is comfortable to use, and an ergonomic handle makes it simple to operate.

This is a must for us every time we go to the beach.

Dante’s Rating: 10/10

Bella’s Verdict: 9/10

Best Dog Toys For Golden Retrievers

Rope Toys

Alongside a game of fetch, you should be prepared for the odd game of tug, too, not with your leash, but with a proper rope toy that can withstand the tugging power of your Golden Retriever.

These should be made from a suitably durable material and able to withstand hours of tugging.

1. UPSKY Dog Rope Toy

When searching for a rope toy, you should be encouraged if you see the word ‘indestructible’ in the description.

Most rope toys will need replacing at some point, yet even your fully grown Golden Retriever should be able to give any toy a hard time.

That includes the UPSKY Dog Rope Toy, which has five knots across its three-foot length. Simply hold one end and embark on a suitably aggressive game of tug with your dog.

Dante’s Rating: 7/10

Bella’s Verdict: 5/10

2. Tumbo Trunk Rope Toy

If you have room to play with, then set your eyes on the Tumbo Trunk Rope Toy.

With a total length of eight feet, your dog should be entertained with how much slack you can give them.

Plus, an oversized handle means you can get a good enough grip to make that game of tug last.

We tried this out this summer, playing with both dogs in the yard, but it didn’t engage them for long – especially for the price.

Dante’s Rating: 4/10

Bella’s Verdict: 2/10

3. GHOBROFY Dog Rope Toy

For a more intimate game of tug in a more confined space, consider the GHOBROFY Dog Rope Toy.

The dog rope toy forms the classic figure of eight, so you may even get the chance to check the state of your Golden Retriever’s teeth while they tug.

With a bright and vibrant color scheme, it should be easy to find and stimulate your dog’s attention.

The cotton material also proves wear-resistant and is tightly woven for enhanced durability.

We’ve had toys like this for our family goldens for as long as we can remember.

Dante’s Rating: 7/10

Bella’s Verdict: 4/10

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys should be soft, cuddly, and recognizable enough for you and your dog.

If your dog is anything like Bella, a stuffed toy will also provide real comfort. She takes one to bed every night.

Remember that these toys aren’t designed for rough play, and if your pooch is likely to rip them, don’t leave them lying around.

1. Multipet Plush Dog Toy

Multipet, understandably, has several pets in its plush dog toy range.

Perhaps the cutest is the lamb (Bella agrees), but you could opt for the duck or even a gator.

Whichever Multipet Plush Dog Toy you go for, each one has a luxurious exterior that proves ideal for cuddling.

Dante’s Rating: 7/10

Bella’s Verdict: 9/10

2. goDog Checkers Plush Dog Toy

goDog likely has an even bigger range of stuffed toys, so you may want to opt for a large pack of two.

There’s a fat rooster, a pink hippo, a green elephant, and even a purple dinosaur named Bruto.

Each goDog Checkers Plush Dog Toy is cute, soft, and durable with a checkered texture. Reinforced seams with a chew-resistant lining also make for durability.

Although it’s more durable than other stuffed toys, we still wouldn’t recommend leaving your dog alone with them if they’re destructive.

Dante’s Rating: 8/10

Bella’s Verdict: 9/10

3. Fluff & Tuff Plush Dog Toy

For a larger toy, consider the Walter Wabbit Fluff & Tuff Plush Dog Toy.

At 12 inches in length, it should be suitable for even the largest Golden Retriever.

Size is not everything, as quality counts, and with an exceedingly plush outer fabric and a Tuffweb mesh liner, you can rely on this plush dog toy.

The polyfill is non-toxic.

These toys are a little pricey, but they are super snuggly – Bella is a big fan, so it’s been worth the money.

Dante’s Rating: 8/10

Bella’s Verdict: 10/10

Now you’ve got the toys sorted, take a look at our ideas for storing them here.

The Final Woof

With the right set of durable and mentally stimulating toys, you can provide hours of fun for your Golden Retriever.

These toys should be able to burn off some of your dog’s energy while keeping them entertained.

Dante’s top picks of the above toys are the ChuckIt launcher and the squeaky crocodile, whereas Bella is head over heels for the fluffy plush bunny. Which toy will your dog love?

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