The Best Frozen Dog Treats For Your Golden Retriever

With the warmer weather comes the worries over keeping your long-haired bestie cool.

I know all too well that some dogs refuse to do what’s best for them and choose to sit in the sun instead of the shade or avoid the fan like the plague!

So, what better way to cool them down than with some tasty treats?

The Best Frozen Dog Treats For Your Golden Retriever

Below, I’ve included some of the frozen treats we’ve tried and tested on Dante, Bella, and even Paddy, so you know they’ve had the lick of approval!

Dante’s Top 4

Dante isn’t a fuss pot – he’ll eat pretty much anything, in fact – but the below frozen snacks are always a big hit every summer!

1. Frozen Watermelon

Let’s start with something super simple!

Frozen watermelon slices are easy to prepare and are perfect for those days when your Golden Retriever needs cooling down but you don’t have the time (or energy) to spend in the kitchen.

All you really need to make these pops is a watermelon, and you cut it down into slices so your doggy can enjoy them in smaller bites.

I’d recommend removing the pips, too, though.

If you want to make it more fun, you can use ice cube molds to make shapes, but this treat works just as well when served simply.

Not only will it cool your Golden Retriever down, but these watermelon pops are filled with goodness that your GRD will love.

This treat gets 3.5 out of 5 paws from Dante!

2. Alexander’s Natural Lamb Bone Broth Paws

We usually make our own frozen summer dog treats, but it’s always handy to have some store-bought in the freezer in case we run out.

Cue these lamb bone broth paw treats, which come in a pack of 7.

These natural lamb bone broth paws are packed with nutrients and they help to detox your dog’s liver. They also support gut and digestion, making them an incredibly healthy (but tasty) frozen snack for your GRD.

Dante is a meat boy through and through, so this one gets 4.5 paws out of 5.

3. Two-Ingredient Cantaloupe Ice Cream

As irresistible as it is, human ice cream is a no-no for your pooch, but treating them with a doggy version will get those tails wagging.

This cantaloupe ice cream recipe is healthy and delicious, and your Golden Retriever will be begging for more (honestly, Dante can’t get enough!)

This is a great frozen treat as you only need two ingredients, so it’s not going to take long and it won’t break the bank either.

This one gets 4/5 from Dante!

4. 3 Ingredient Frozen Chicken Bites

I’ve saved my boy’s favourite until last!

And, if your dog is anything like mine, this is another savoury frozen treat that your Golden Retriever will love.

As the title would suggest, these treats are chicken-flavoured, and you only need three ingredients to make them at home.

These frozen treats are healthy and great to keep when you want to give your GRD a snack – you can make a big batch of these frozen chicken bites and keep them for weeks.

These tasty, chilled snacks get 5 out of 5 paws from Dante.

The Best Frozen Dog Treats For Your Golden Retriever

Bella’s Fave 4

Bella’s palette is a little more … refined… but she’s put her pup seal of approval on the below frozen treats.

5. Peanut Butter Blackberry Dog Popsicle

If you want your Golden Retriever to enjoy a popsicle with you on a hot day, then you should definitely try these dog-friendly alternatives!

You can swap out the popsicle stick for a dog bone to make it even more dog-friendly, and your Golden pup will love every lick.

All you need to make these popsicles are blackberries, bananas, peanut butter, and yoghurt. It’s such a simple recipe and you will have no problems making it for yourself.

The peanut butter and blackberries go together really well as well, making it a healthier snack for your pup.

Bella is a big fan and gives these treats 4 paws out of 5.

6. Frozen Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Sticking with the peanut butter theme – as Bella can’t get enough – these peanut butter coconut oil treats are simpler in appearance, but don’t let that fool you – they are just as good as the other treats on this list.

These frozen treats are great if you want something a bit more traditional, and because they are frozen, they’ll keep for a lot longer than regular treats. You can make a big batch that you can use for a while.

All of the ingredients in these treats are nutritious as well, so you can be sure that your Golden Retriever is getting all the goodness they need.

It’s another 4 out of 5 paws from Bella!

7. Frozen Pumpkin And Banana Dog Treats

All you need for these treats are pumpkin, banana, and honey!

The flavour combo in these treats will be a big hit with most dogs, and they’ll also keep your pooch nice and cool.

Pumpkin is super healthy for all dogs, and that’s why these treats are such a great idea. While the recipe does call for bananas too, you can actually swap them out for other dog-friendly fruits if you want to mix it up a bit.

Bella gives these 4.5 out of 5 paws.

8. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Dog Treats

These strawberry banana smoothie treats are great for the summer. Not only will they cool your Golden pup right down, but they will taste amazing too.

These treats are super easy to make, and they will give your Golden pup loads of energy, starting their day off the right way.

These are Bella’s absolute faves during the summer, so it’s 5 out of 5 paws for these.

The Final Woof

If you are looking for some of the best frozen dog treats around, you definitely need to try some of the options on this list.

I think the best frozen dog treats for your Golden Retriever are always homemade ones, and there are plenty of options on this list for you to try, but I’ve included a store-bought option if you’re short on time.

Make some of these frozen treats for yourself and see which ones your GRD loves the most!

Julia Miller
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